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Glo Extracts Premium Cannabis Oil Product Review


Glo Extracts has arrived, and they are here to stay. Have you tried Space Candy and Kushadelic? What are you waiting for? We have finally discovered a trustworthy cannabis brand that not only cares about customer safety but has an amazingly fun product. Our staff couldn’t believe what we were missing out on. The best part about these premium cannabis oil cartridges is that they are lab tested.

We were reassured to know that Glo Extracts is one of the few companies that tests all of its products for Vitamin E Acetate and THC levels. Their website offers lab test results for all products that are free for the public to view before ordering. We appreciated this transparency before ordering the master box with an assortment of their various flavors.

Glo Extracts makes health a priority. You know longer have to ask yourself if THC is healthy. Stick with Glo, and you’re guaranteed a great product. They have a selection of over 30 available premium cannabis oil cartridges ranging from Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Of course, we were first struck by the look. You have to love a company that puts effort and time into the design of the product, and Glo Extracts doesn’t disappoint. From the sparkling packaging to the look of the cartridge, the unboxing gave off a true glow.  Upon opening the master box, we found a list of each flavor contained in the product boxes.

We then noticed the QR code printed on both the master box and each of the product boxes. When this is scanned, consumers have direct access to live lab results of the product they’re holding. These lab documents are signed by the manager of the lab that they were tested at and are instantly available for your review.

Each cartridge box expands on the transparency and consideration Glo Extracts has for its customers. There are rankings on the side of the box that gives you an idea on how this premium cannabis oil will affect you mentally and emotionally. There’s no need to go in blind. You can choose a flavor that fits your taste, whether it’s high in relaxation or low in euphoria. The selection is also tasty, smooth, and fun. You need to try these flavors yourself to get the full effect of how unique they are. LA Sunshine, Hybrid, and God’s Gift, Indica, are two that we have yet to sample. Beat us to it and check it out amongst the large selection of flavors.

Everything you receive, from the packaging to the physical cartridge, is of high quality. These verified cartridges are made with the customer’s comfort and safety in mind. On their website, there are steps to help you know that your product is a real, lab-tested, verified Glo Extracts cannabis oil cartridge. The packaging and cartridges have indications of its authenticity to ensure you of a genuine and verified product.

Glo Extracts offers the best in Cannabis Carts by guaranteeing safe premium Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges that are lab tested and loved! Check out their website for full details on the different types of flavors from Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa with test results that are posted on a regular basis to ensure safety and pleasure.

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