Does CBD Treat Epilepsy? Is It Safe Or Not?


What can we say that CBD can potentially improve the lives of people with epilepsy? CBD can reduce the use of commonly used epilepsy drugs (AED) and adverse side effects. It is important to note however that CBD is not cure-for all epilepsy. Some children do not get cured well to CBD treatment, and it does not work for everyone.

Though there is usually no problem with the CBD, the side effects are possible. Due to epilepsy, CBD must be used only under medical supervision, especially if CBD is used on a child with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Is…

Epilepsy is a disease characteristic of recurring seizures. A sudden visit to electrical activity in the brain is a seizure. When confiscated, there is an overgrowth of neuronal activity in the brain.

How CBD Works To Treat Epilepsy

The CBD works to prevent the seizures by assisting to increase the functioning of the endocannabinoid system. In the body, the endocannabinoid system aims to maintain balance. The endocannabinoid system maintains balance by controlling the activity of neurotransmitters,

Most importantly, by sending a message to neurons, either their activity increases or decreases. As the seizures, neurotransmitters are in the condition of hypertension activity, and it is believed that the endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in reducing the hypertrophy of neurons. A weak working endocannabinoid system may be responsible for treating chronic seizures.

You can buy CBD from the Medical dispensary in Canada for the treatment of epilepsy and seizures.

How CBD Works As An Antiepileptic

  1. CBD improves the level of the endocannabinoid by entering with their decomposition. Increasing levels of endocannabinoids in your system help in maintaining balance in the body.
  2. CBD lessens the stimulation of neurons by modifying the flow of ions such as potassium and calcium. Endocannabinoids are neuro-modular, and in this way, the CBD copies their activity.
  3. CBD defeats glutamate activity. This is similar because glutamate causes neuronal stimulation.
  4. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory factor. CBD diminishes brain swelling (neuroinflammation). Swelling of the brain is thought to worsen the seizures.

Pros Of CBD To Treat Epilepsy

People who are experiencing epilepsy, and use CBD to treat seizures are indicating:

  • Shortage of Seizures
  • Better alertness
  • Improved appetite
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
  • Enhanced motor skills
  • Less use of AED and hence fewer side effects than AED
  • Better social interaction

Side Effects Of Using CBD For Epilepsy

One of CBD’s best qualities is that it also has serious side effects on high doses. However, this does not mean that the side effects are not present with the CBD. Patients using CBD for epilepsy should do this only under the supervision of expert’s care. Patients who are using CBD for epilepsy have stated the side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Unconsciousness
  • Sleepiness

Which Type Of Terpenes May Treat To Lessen The Seizures?

Terpenes are essential oils of the cannabis plant. Terpenes who have been shown to work in synergy with CBD to increase their anticonvulsant effect are B-Carriophilin, Linoleum, Pinin, and Limonin. Other cannabinoids such as THCA (the acid form of THC) and THC have themselves proved to be useful in reducing the seizure. THCA is a non-psychoactive whereas THC is psychoactive.

Final Thoughts

Patients who have epilepsy can get a benefit by using cannabis to stop and reduce the incidence of seizure. People who are worried about the THC must use them with CBD oils only, but it is necessary to understand that removing such a limited amount of herbs cannot get maximum effect.

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